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Most Degenasaur before #060 random create off-chain before summon on blockchain. Most the rest made with love by huumans.


Some Degenasaur touched up by human friend after long journey. Especially after Degenasaur #060 most have unique illustrated backgrounds and trippy accessories.


Each Degenasaur is a unique combination of backgrounds and accessories of different raaaarities and is 1/1.

The Degenasaur story A long time ago in a galaxy far far away, Degenasaur hear through 5th dimensional device that Earth is having an NFT boom. Seeking NFTs a smart Degenasaur taps a quantum wormhole to Earth in early 2021. Only 128 Degenasaur manage to arrive before the wormhole collapses for all eternity.

Seeking friends the Degenasaurs try their best to adjust to human society. They help their huuman friends with trading, NFT apeing, party, and household chores.

One day Degenasaur #060 has close encounter with a UFO and many Degenasaurs start to travel across all of time and space… however, no matter how far from Earth, all every Degenasaur wants is a human friend.

Degenasaurs Needs Friends Humans!! Degenasaur Big Recommend:


Degenasaur Thank!! Big Dino Love

About: Degenasaurs started as an inside joke before taking on a life of their own and growing into the project you see now. We hope they will bring you as much joy as they do to us, and if not, at least we will have lots of degenerate dinos to play with 😂

Only 128 Degenasaurs will ever be minted. No more will ever be summoned no matter how much demand there is (or not!) for more to be created.

Note: Non-Fungible Tokens or NFTs are experimental blockchain based art projects. They are NOT a sure way to make money. Please DO NOT buy Degenasaurs on your credit card or with your rent money.

Most importantly: have fun and enjoy your Degenasauuuurs!